Lots of velvet and funky ankle boots

17 Oct

There are certain pieces that are part of my winter uniform year in, year out: cashmere jumpers, knee-length boots, jumper dresses and skinny jeans. I addition to these lovely but oh-so sensible things, though, I need a bit of excitement. Something frivolous. This year, my magpie-like tendencies are drawing me towards two things: velvet and funky ankle boots.

First up, let’s talk about velvet. It’s definitely not the first year that I’ve wanted to buy all velvet everything, but the high street seems to be with me this year, because there are loads of pieces tempting me.

I’ve already bought these beautiful ankle boots from Asos…


These dark red ones have sold out, it seems, but there are still pairs in blue suede, for £45.

Zara has a whole selection of rocking velvet pieces that I’m finding very tempting…







And who can possibly resist Topshop’s blue velvet trousers?


£45 (and selling fast!)

In addition to my velvet lust, I’m also desperate to buy all manner of crazy ankle boots (all of which are from Asos. Seriously, that site is an addiction!). I’ve already shown you my new red velvet numbers, but I’m also loving these blue ones…


£45, Asos

And I wouldn’t say no to these two pairs either…

image1xxl (1)

£45, Asos

image1xxl (2)

£55, Asos

And let’s not even get me started on these pompom numbers…


What’s tickling your fancy this autumn?

Bethan x


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