Shirts with quirks

24 Oct

Every girl knows the wardrobe power of a good white shirt – or a denim one for that matter. Or even a striped one. Basically, any shirt will work hard for you. Dressed down with jeans, smartening up a casual cashmere jumper, dressed up with a full skirt for evening, the potential is endless. Buttoned up to the top, you’ve got your hipster at work look. Then, come 6pm, unbutton a button or three and you’re ready for cocktails.

Recently, though, I’ve noticed a few shirts that are less keen to sit in the background merely complementing the rest of the pieces in your wardrobe. These babies want to take centre stage. I’m calling them shirts with quirks.

At Zara, it’s all about length, shirts that play with the traditional proportions (all under £30)…

0154152043_2_1_1 3198242802_2_3_1 3198244401_1_1_1 3198247600_2_4_1 7952516406_2_3_1 8015435250_2_2_1 8342207441_2_1_1

And I’m loving these other styles…

Statement pockets…


£56, Topshop


£55, Topshop

Belt that waist…


£42, Topshop


£32, Asos

image1xxl (1)

£18, Asos

Nightwear as daywear (aka shirts that look like PJs)…


£52, Topshop

Or, if you’re feeling really adventurous, try wearing an actual PJ top as daywear…


£38 (including PJ bottoms – don’t wear those out, too, though! A little too student union!). From Bluebella

Do you like your shirts to have quirks?

Bethan x


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