Christmas list inspiration

4 Nov

If you’re like me, you might have finalised your Christmas list and sent it off to Santa months ago. But if you’re a little less of a serial shopper, perhaps you’re still looking for inspiration. Luckily, I have bags of it.

This post is all about those slightly bigger items you might not spend your own money on, but they’re not so expensive that you feel guilty about asking someone to buy them for you. I’m thinking £150 and under.

If I was to write my wishlist all over again (and I could definitely do that!), it’d contain some of these…

A mid-range leather bag…

christmas list

Radley has a great range of leather bags, in a variety of colours and shapes, all for around the £100 mark. This Portman style is reduced to £109.

A cashmere jumper…


I already have a couple of Uniqlo’s great cashmere sweaters, but I chose to buy them in sensible cream and navy, so I can get plenty of wear out of them. But if I was getting one for Christmas, I might go for a slightly jazzier colour, like this purple one, for £69.90.

A designer watch…


The colours are neutral, so it’ll work with any outfit, but the logo says, ‘Hello, I’m wearing Kenzo!’. £149 from Watch Shop.

Fun faux fur…


What could be more frivolous – or festive – than a loud, proud, faux fur coat? And it’s likely to be freezing until April, so you’ll get plenty of wear out of it. £80 from Story of Lola at Asos.

Luxe smellies…


I love Jo Malone at all times of the year, but Christmas is the perfect time to try something different. If you’re a devotee of the colognes, why not branch out and try something from the rest of the range? I love this set of bath oil, candle and body creme, for £146.

Cosy slippers…


If you’re going to do sheepskin slippers, you may as well do Uggs. I like the fact that this Moraene style, for £85, has a little back to keep your feet in place.

And to complement the slippers – glamorous pyjamas…


I’d never get out of bed if I had these rose-coloured silk PJs, £139, from The White Company.

Will you be adding any of these to your list?

Bethan x

p.s. Stay tuned for my next posts on budget Christmas buys and stocking fillers.


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