My 2016 buys

2 Jan

I know, we’re only two days into 2016, but I’ve already got a shopping list as long as my arm. Some things never change.

A few of the things on my wishlist are geared around ss16’s trends, and others are just little things that’ve caught my eye while I’ve been browsing the sales.

The lingerie trend is a big one for ss16. Remember back in the early noughties when the go-to outfit for a night out was a little camisole top and jeans? Well, those tops are back in a big way…

image1xxl (1)

£25, Reclaimed Vintage. I think this is so pretty, and the perfect weekend piece worn under a big cardigan with skinny jeans and ankle boots. I think the key is to dress it down rather than up to stop it looking to, erm, boudoir?

And, linked to this trend is the whole pyjamas as daywear thing, which I’m still totally coveting. I just can’t seem to track down the perfect pyjama-style shirt. I think I’m going to have to find an actual pyjama top that I’m not embarrassed to wear out…


£70, Bodas. Do I have the guts to go out in it?

I’m also very into luxe sportswear at the moment. I mentioned an Adidas t-shirt in my last post (which I’ve now ordered!) and I’ve also recently clocked a new Puma collection at Asos…

image1xxl (3)

£32, Puma. This rose gold sweatshirt’s already in my basket.

And, speaking of sportswear, I’ve decided this is the year of bright trainers. 2015 was all about the clean, white Lacoste Showcourts, but I think 2016 will be about colour. Top of my list is these…


£70, Adidas. How nice is the colour?

Stripes are huge for ss16 – when are they not? – and this season they’re bolder than ever.

image1xxl (4)

£18, Vero Moda. This dress is last season and now in the sale, but I’m hoping to see much more like this in the shops, because I will be buying it. Just add black tights and ankle boots now, then flip flops in summer.

H&M’s having a moment for me right now. I had a scroll through the new items yesterday and found myself adding dozens of things to my imaginary basket. First up is these ‘treggings’ (there’s still something about that word that I hate, but it seems an accurate description in this case!)…


£12.99, H&M. I definitely want to see them in the shop and try them on through. H&M’s sizes can be very weird!

And while I’m there, I’ll be seeking out this cool shirt…

hmprod (1)

£29.99, H&M. Looks more like Cos than H&M doesn’t it. Very cool.

And finally, check out the tassles on this cute dress…

hmprod (2)

£29.99, H&M. I love the styling here with the socks and boots, and I think it’d also look lovely with grey cable knit tights.

Well done H&M, you’re winning 2016 so far!

What are you hoping to buy in 2016?

Bethan x


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