Zara’s new collection

17 Jan

It’s been a bit of a busy weekend, which has meant very little time for blogging, so I thought it was the perfect opportunity for one of my favourite (but admittedly rather lazy) posts: a little look at the new Zara collection.

The stores themselves are still full of sale stuff, and frankly look such a mess I can’t even go in there right now. But the website is brimming with positive opportunity and collections to come!

I know what you’re thinking: spring collection equals pastels, flowers and floaty fabrics. Probably with a sprinkling of nautical chic. Well, according to Zara, you’d be wrong. What a dark and moody spring you’re predicting for us, Zara! Just take a look at this gothic collection…

On the plus side, it means you won’t have to wait till the warmer months to rock the collection. These pieces are all perfect for the cold winter months. And, there are a sprinkling of hits of yellow and orange throughout, promising brighter things to come as the months go on. Win win!

On another note, many of the new looks have been style with these awesome orange mules…

They don’t appear to be on sale on the website yet, so I’ll be checking back for them because I need these babies in my life. Even if they do look ankle-bendingly high!

I’ll see you all in Zara!

Bethan x



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    […] In a recent post about Zara’s new collection, I mentioned an amazing pair of orange mules that I’d spotted (read the post here). […]

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