M&S done good!

13 Feb

I’ve been a fan of Marks & Spencer’s younger, more fashion-forward line, Limited Edition, for a while now. It always has some really nice, fresh pieces, and some have made big waves in the fashion world. Mary Berry wore a Limited Edition bomber on Bake Off, for goodness sake – if that’s not a style seal of approval, I don’t know what is…


After this, it sold out!

So I’m pleased to see that this season’s Limited Edition stock is equally striking. Even better? There’s nothing here that’ll set you back more than £60, and some of it is already in the sale.

There’s a strong line in dungarees of all shapes, sizes, colours and materials…

Those flowery ones have got ‘cute weekend brunch outfit’ all over them.

And if it’s florals that you like, you’ll find much more where those dungarees came from…

The blush pink dress is so pretty, and can we talk about that bomber jacket? Those babies will be the piece of the season, so grab them now before it’s too late.

Fans of sleek, minimalist pieces will be excited by the dresses…

And if you’re more of a boho babe, there’s something for you, too…

Lastly, look out, I’ve finally found what I’ve been looking for. A pyjama shirt!


And it’s reduced to £12 in the sale. Right, there’s nothing for it, I need to buy, buy, buy!

Bethan x


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