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Have you discovered Olive?

16 Jul

Hello, and firstly I must apologise for my complete lack of blogging over the last month. I moved house (resulting in chaos and no internet for weeks) and then went away on a lovely holiday with my friends. But I’m back, bringing with me big lust for a new brand I’ve recently discovered: Olive.

It’s not actually a new brand – the shop opened in Cheltenham back in 2010 – but it’s a new discovery for me, mostly thanks to its brilliant Instagram game. It puts together some seriously covetable outfit combos that have me rushing to the website on an almost daily basis.

Here are a few Olive looks I’ve been double tapping recently…

I don’t know how they do it, but I just want everything they Instagram. Perhaps its the chic floorboards and the natty little inclusions of flowers, books and accessories. But mostly I think it’s the pretty flouncy frills, florals and dresses that do it for me.

Even better news is that the clothing is really reasonably priced (especially given some of it is currently on sale!). Here’s my current wishlist…


Dress, £39


Skirt, £25


Blouse, £29


Skirt, £32


Skirt, £59


Blouse, £45


Blouse, £55

Bit of a pastel and pink theme, but they’re such pretty pieces!

Have I converted you, too?

Bethan x



The best of 2015 fashion

30 Dec

With just one more full day of 2015 remaining, I thought this would be a nice chance to look back at some of my favourite trends that I’ve blogged about over the past year.

These are the pieces that I’ve been loving, with a few suggestions for new ways to style them up for 2016…

In October, I featured these sparkly shoes from Boden.


The glitter version have all sold out, but these chic black ones are new, and reduced from £89 to £62.30.


I think I’d go for the full Audrey Hepburn look with these – slim black trousers, a black roll neck and a swingy black ponytail. What could be classier? Or step into January with a splash, by teaming them with trusty black opaques and a loud, proud fuchsia swing dress


This is reduced to just £10 at Asos.

Not feeling the girlie vibe? Swap the black roll neck I mentioned above for a sporty tee


£22, Adidas at Asos. The monochrome palette and slim-fit shape mean this is a safe option for the sports-luxe-shy (aka me).

In September, I became obsessed with pompom shoes, and in particular this pair, which are now sold out…


Thankfully, Topshop still has a few pairs of this very similar style left, which are in the sale for £15…


For 2016, I’d embrace the geek chic popularised by Gucci and style them up with a pleated midi skirt, tank top and roll neck. You couldn’t fail to feel cheerful on your first day back at work dressed like that!

Topshop’s grey/silver skirt will add just enough sparkle to a grey January day…


And at £30, it won’t hurt that post-Christmas bank balance.

In May, I went crazy for ghillie shoes – along with the rest of the world. I bought this blue pair from Asos…


They’re now long gone, but there are millions of other pairs (or so it seems!) still for the taking. And on a practical note, I didn’t think these would be the comfiest of shoes, but they actually are. I did a day-long shopping trip in these the very first time I wore them and I was blister free.

For a 2016 take, I like this chic, minimalist pair, which are reduced to £39 in the Asos sale…

image1xxl (1)

I think they’d make the perfect trans-seasonal outfit with this grey jumper dress from Whistles, which is down to £85 in the sale…


I was up for all-denim-everything in April, with this Zara midi skirt leading the pack…


I’m so pleased that denim’s still going strong for 2016, and I’ve currently got my eye on this pinafore from Asos…

image1xxl (2).jpg

Looks just like my favourite skirt in dress form! I’ll wear it for work with a pussybow blouse and ankle boots, then at the weekend with a ribbed knit and trainers.

And finally, back in January, a whole year ago, I was mad for suede in all its forms, but particularly jackets. This red number from Mango was at the top of my wishlist…


But, for 2016, I think I might be swayed by the simple shape and attention grabbing colour of this cobalt version, down to £54.99 in the sale.


Whereas I’d wear the red one with a dreamy boho dress from Zara, I think this blue one needs strong shapes and clean lines. So a white t-shirt and these striped wide leg trousers from Asos, which are now just £24, should do the trick…

image1xxl (3).jpg

I wonder what style choices 2016 will bring? Happy new year!

Bethan x

Amazing Clarks sale shoes

15 Jul

I’ve been a fan of Clarks shoes for a while now. They’re unbeatable for comfort, and they’ve really upped their game in producing cool, trend-driven shoes, meaning they’re no longer just the sensible option.

Clarks’ prices are usually pretty reasonable anyway, but when the sale is on, there’s a chance to snap up some serious bargains, including reduced prices on the latest gorgeous Orla Kiely collection.

I popped into my local Clarks store earlier in the week and found myself wanting to buy all of the following pairs…


£80, reduced from £120


£60, reduced from £120


£40, reduced from £80


£40, reduced from £80

I also caught sight of a few new-season numbers, and I’m currently coveting these two. Take a look…


Junelle Polly, £60


Glove Candy, £45

Which should I choose?

Bethan x

The sales are everywhere!

20 Jun

It’s that time again: the high street’s gone sales mad. I can’t walk down a single street near my office without being confronted by those temptingly massive SALE signs. So it’s been pretty hard to resist temptation. And, of course, I haven’t!

There was lots of excitement, as always, surrounding the Zara sale, which kicked off on Thursday. I went along and tried a few things on, but I don’t think the Zara sale really gives you massive bargains. They tend to start off only reducing items by about £10. However I’ve got my eye on a couple of things that I’m hoping might be reduced further…

sales 2015

Now £29.99, Zara


£29.99, Zara


£29.99, Zara

Another favourite sale of mine is Whistles, mostly because I can’t justify paying full price for that stuff! Here’s what I’ve been eyeing up…


£55, Whistles


£65, Whistles


Cashmere! £65, Whistles


£80, Whistles


£70, Whistles

The same goes for Reiss – usually too expensive, so it’s all go when the sale comes! I’m coveting this dress…


£95, Reiss

And I always love a new shoe or two from Clarks…


£35, Clarks

But what I’m really waiting for is the Orla Kiely collection to be in the sale. I love these, but they’re still full price…


Clarks, £110

And as for what I did buy? Well, I’ve had another naughty little designer shoe splurge. Meet my new Marni sandals…


Half price, still credit-card-only expensive! But I own something from Marni! And they’re beautiful.

The sales are one of those times when some of the designer things you could normally only dream of seem to be within reach. There’ll be no more big purchases from me for a while now, but if I could go made in the sales, I’d get these…


£181, Equipment


£262.50, Miu Miu


£189, Bella Freud

That’s quite a wishlist! What’s on yours?

Bethan x

Are they really bargains?

31 May

I always seem to be buying things in sales or on eBay, so I thought it’d be interesting to figure out exactly how much of my wardrobe I actually paid full price for.

I was quite surprised – after doing a little inventory, I discovered that over half of my wardrobe is filled with stuff I paid full price for – so perhaps I’m not as much of a bargain hunter as I’d thought? In addition to this, about a third of my things are sale purchases, with only a small percentage from eBay or jumble sales.

So what have I learnt from this?

1. I think perhaps the reason I don’t have as many sale or eBay things is because I don’t keep them as long as full-price stuff. They tend to be impulse buys, or things I haven’t be able to try on, so it makes sense that perhaps I don’t treasure them as much as the things I’ve spent serious cash on, tried on to ensure they fit perfectly, and actually fallen in love with, like my leather jacket, Whistles cashmere jumper dress and Zara silk blouse…




2. But, saying that, I’ve noticed that thesale items I’ve got the most use of fall into three categories: great knitwear (including cashmere I couldn’t otherwise afford), shoes and jeans…






Aka staple pieces that are really useful (and no less exciting – I’m still very excited about my Charlotte Olympia kitties!)

So I’ve decided that my shopping strategy needs to change. No more impulse buying of pretty dresses and tops in the sales or on eBay, as chances are I won’t keep them. Buy staples in sales, then save up for full-price pieces I know I’ll keep. It’s so much more satisfying looking at things I’ve had for years and knowing I’ll have them for years to come.

(But obviously it’s OK to keep buying bargain sale shoes, though, right?!)

Bethan x

Rumble in the jumble 2015 + a print extravaganza

10 May

Those of you who’ve been reading this blog for the past year or more (thank you!) will know that last year I went to the amazing Rumble in the Jumble jumble sale event and had a brilliant time. (And if you didn’t read that entry, you can click here for it).

So when I found out that the event was back again, I was very excited. It was yesterday, again at Oval Space in Bethnal Green, with pretty much the same stuff on offer as last year. But this year, I was wiser – I knew what to expect and how to get the most out the event. I took a bag to carry my haul in. I took a friend, who helped me make slightly wiser clothing decisions. And I took more money this year, which I well and truly made use of!

As always, there was lots of brilliant celebrity jumble available – Fearne Cotton went to town donating her amazing stuff, there were lots of pretty dresses from The One Show’s Alex Jones, and I think I saw about 10 pairs of Annie Mac’s shoes. Sadly, most of these celebs are teeny, so I didn’t buy any of their swag.

So what did I buy?

I started with these Diane Von Furstenburg 100% silk trousers, a bargain at £40…

IMG_1652 IMG_1653

Those were my big spend, leaving me with just £25 of my budget. With that, I bought these two dresses, a natty little jumper and a blouse, leaving me with just enough for a large slab of cake from the tea and cake stall…

IMG_1654 IMG_1655 IMG_1656 IMG_1657

I seem to have gone for a bit of a print theme with my purchases, which leads me to a different subject…

I’ve noticed recently that my wardrobe’s been looking less colourful than it has in recent years, I’ve always loved a bright print and a loud colour, but I’d been consciously trying to build up my collections of basics, adding in quality pieces in neutral colours that I’ll actually get some wear out of.

But where’s the fun in that? Yes, it’s great to have staple pieces, but you’ve also got to have the things you love, so I’ve been trying to add back in some more pretty prints. And you won’t be surprised that Zara’s selection is proving very tempting. Look at all this print goodness…

1478027300_2_2_1 2299774712_2_1_1 2428758800_2_1_1 2522762645_2_1_1 7568040650_2_1_1

Things are looking bright!

Bethan x

MiH sample sale heaven

11 Mar

It’s my second week in a new job (which is going really well, thanks!) and I am loving the new location. I’m right between Oxford Street and Bond Street – so you can imagine the daily shopping possibilities (or terrible temptations, whichever way you look at it).

Aside from all the excellent high-street shops – South Molton Street, just wait until payday, then I’m comin’ for ya – I’ve found I’m in the perfect place to make the most of the designer sample sales at The Music Room, South Molton Lane.

Last week, they scheduled the perfect one for me – MiH Jeans. I mentioned in a previous post how much I love these jeans, so this was ideal. Jeans were about a quarter of RRP, so a real bargain as I know I’ll get loads of wear out of them. So let me introduce you to my new purchases…

First up is the Phoebe boyfriend jeans.

IMG_1204 IMG_1203

These are a great fit and super comfy. I especially love the huge turnups with the selvedge detail…


And of course, the requisite little bird motif…


My other purchase was this super-soft light denim shirt…


So comfy, so versatile, and a total bargain! Gotta love these sample sales. Tomorrow’s an Alice Temperley one, which I think might be considerably more expensive, but it can’t hurt to look, right?

Bethan x